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About SpiderSoM

The SpiderSoM is a programmable, non-volatile solution based on Intel® MAX®10 FPGA, which enables it to deliver full-featured FPGA capabilities: support for various soft-core CPUs, video-processing algorithms, etc. The SpiderSoM promotes the free and open design concept: all resources, like i.e. design files, gerber, source code, etc. are available under certain open licenses. The SpiderSoM is available as a low cost and extremely flexible platform which enables user to setup a running system according to the required specification in a very short time.


This module can be considered as a cost-optimized alternative to the MX10 module.


  • MAX 10 FPGA in F256 package
  • module supports wide range of the devices: from 10M04DC to 10M50DA
  • optional 4 MByte SPI NOR
  • optional 4 GByte e.MMC
  • optional 128/256/512MByte DDR3 DRAM (for 10M 16/25/40/50 FPGAs)
  • programmable clock generator and PLL, with optional external reference input
  • 178 FPGA GPIO pins, including 13 LVDS transmitters and 54 receivers
  • RTC with battery backup
  • programmable high-efficient PMIC, FPGA IO voltages are configurable
  • optional Li-Ion/Li-Pol charger
  • Size: 70mm x 35mm

Block Diagram


USB Firmware for MX10 and SpiderSoM

MX10 and SpiderSoM modules provide a USB device interface implemented with PIC16F1454 microcontroller (MCU). On the SoM side the MCU is connected to three interfaces: serial (if the other side is implemented inside the FPGA), I2C bus (connected to the module PMIC, charge controller, RTC and FPGA), and FPGA JTAG programming interface.

On the host side Linux is supported as Operating System, currently Ubuntu16.04LTS is marked as a reference base.


The SpiderSoM is an Open Hardware. All design files are available under CERN_OHL_V1.2


The following components are available for download: