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About SpiderBase

The Spiderboard Baseboard (SpiderBase) is a unique baseboard, designed to host the Spiderboard SoM / MX10 SoM based on Intel PSG (former Altera®) MAX® 10 FPGAs.




  • simple baseboard in 2 layer design
  • compatibility to the Spiderboard SoM as well as the MX10 SoM.
  • open hardware
  • MxM2 pcb edge connector
  • every pin of the MxM2 connector module is accessible at one of the pinheaders
  • large 25x15 .1” prototyping area
  • 4 Pmod compatible connectors (3.3V or 5V supply voltage selectable)
  • 2 user push buttons
  • reset and power buttons
  • 2 user LEDs
  • Arduino shield compatible interface
  • Intel PSG Blaster compatible programming interfaces
  • USB mini B connector
  • CR2032 cell holder
  • JST-2.0 lithium battery connector
  • configuration jumpers (e.g. boot selection for MX10 module)

Block Diagram

MX10 baseboard BD.png

Component Locations

Spiderbase components.png



The following components are available for download:


The Spiderboard Baseboard is an Open Hardware. All design files are available under CERN_OHL_V1.2