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About SpiderBase

The Spiderboard Baseboard (SpiderBase) is a unique baseboard, designed to host the Spiderboard SoM / MX10 SoM based on Intel PSG (former Altera®) MAX® 10 FPGAs.



  • simple baseboard in 2 layer design
  • compatibility to the Spiderboard SoM as well as the MX10 SoM.
  • open hardware
  • MxM2 pcb edge connector
  • every pin of the MxM2 connector module is accessible at one of the pinheaders
  • large 25x15 .1” prototyping area
  • 4 Pmod compatible connectors (3.3V or 5V supply voltage selectable)
  • 2 user push buttons
  • reset and power buttons
  • 2 user LEDs
  • Arduino shield compatible interface
  • Intel PSG Blaster compatible programming interfaces
  • USB mini B connector
  • CR2032 cell holder
  • JST-2.0 lithium battery connector
  • configuration jumpers (e.g. boot selection for MX10 module)

Block Diagram

MX10 baseboard BD.png

Component Locations

Spiderbase components.png


The Spiderboard Baseboard is an Open Hardware. All design files are available under CERN_OHL_V1.2


The following components are available for download: