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* [[Pin Assignment Table| Pin Assignment Table for SpiderSoM and MX10]]
* [[Pin Assignment Table| Pin Assignment Table for SpiderSoM and MX10]]
* [[Compiling and Programming PIC Firmware]]
* [[Compiling and Programming PIC Firmware]]
* [[Installing OpenOCD]]
==== Examples ====
==== Examples ====

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About SpiderSoM

The SpiderSoM is a programmable, non-volatile solution based on Intel® MAX®10 FPGA, which enables it to deliver full-featured FPGA capabilities: support for various soft-core CPUs, video-processing algorithms, etc. The SpiderSoM promotes the free and open design concept: all resources, like i.e. design files, gerber, source code, etc. are available under certain open licenses. The SpiderSoM is available as a low cost and extremely flexible platform which enables user to setup a running system according to the required specification in a very short time.


This module can be considered as a cost-optimized alternative to the MX10 module.



  • MAX 10 FPGA in F256 package
  • Module supports wide range of the devices: from 10M04DC to 10M50DA
  • Optional 4 MByte SPI NOR
  • Optional 4 GByte e.MMC
  • Optional 128/256/512MByte DDR3 DRAM (for 10M 16/25/40/50 FPGAs)
  • Programmable clock generator and PLL, with optional external reference input
  • 178 FPGA GPIO pins, including 13 LVDS transmitters and 54 receivers
  • RTC with battery backup
  • Programmable high-efficient PMIC, FPGA IO voltages are configurable
  • Optional Li-Ion/Li-Pol charger
  • Size: 70mm x 35mm

Block Diagram



MX10 and SpiderSoM modules provide a USB device interface implemented with a Microchip PIC16F1454 microcontroller (MCU).
On the host side Linux is supported as Operating System, currently Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is marked as a reference base.
On the SoM side the MCU is connected to three interfaces:

  • UART - Accessible as standard serial device ( /dev/ttyACMx ).
Connected to the FPGA.
  • I2C - Accessible as standard i2c device ( /dev/i2c-x ). Requires driver.
Connected to module PMIC, charge controller, RTC and FPGA.





The following components are available for download:


The SpiderSoM is an Open Hardware. All design files are available under CERN_OHL_V1.2