Installing OpenOCD

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Installing OpenOCD

  • OpenOCD Version >= 0.10 with the libftdi driver is required.
  • If your package distributor provides this version, use your package manager to install OpenOCD:
  • For Debian based distributions the terminal command is:
    $ sudo apt install openocd
  • If the package version does not work, it is possible to compile OpenOCD from source (github).

Shell Script For Easier Use

A shell script can be used that starts OpenOCD, runs the svf file and shuts down afterwards, allowing conveniently programming the FPGA using a single terminal command.

  • Create the file mx10spider_prog under .local/bin in your home directory and insert the content below.
  • If not already done, add .local/bin to the path variable.
    • Open .profile in your home directory with a text editor and add the line:
    • Logout and login again or run following command to reload path variable:
      $ source ~/.profile
  • Open a terminal and add the executable flag.
    $ chmod +x .local/bin/mx10spider_prog
  • You are now ready to progrmm the fpga using the command:
    $ mx10spider_prog <path/to/file.svf>
  • If your project is for example located under /opt/quartus_projects/Example, use one of the following commands:
    $ mx10spider_prog /opt/quartus_projets/Example/output_files/Example.svf
    $ mx10spider_prog /opt/quartus_projets/Example/output_files/Example_pof.svf
    for programming the .sof or .pof file respectively.



me=$(basename $0)

if [ -f "$1" ]; then

    openocd -c "interface usb_blaster" -c "usb_blaster_lowlevel_driver ftdi" -c "usb_blaster_vid_pid 0x04d8 0xefd0" -c "jtag newtap max10 tap -irlen 10 -expected-id 0x31810dd -expected-id 0x318a0dd \
	-expected-id 0x31820dd -expected-id 0x31830dd -expected-id 0x31840dd \
	-expected-id 0x318d0dd -expected-id 0x31850dd -expected-id 0x31010dd \
	-expected-id 0x310a0dd -expected-id 0x31020dd -expected-id 0x31030dd \
	-expected-id 0x31040dd -expected-id 0x310d0dd -expected-id 0x31050dd" -c "init" -c "svf $1 progress" -c "shutdown"

elif [ "$1" = "" ]; then

	echo "\tError: No file specified.\n\tUsage: $me <file.svf>"

elif [ "$1" = "-h" ] || [ "$1" = "--help" ]; then

	echo "\tUtility script to start openocd and run an svf file.\n\tUsage: $me <file.svf>"


    echo "\tFile not found: $1\n\tUsage: $me <file.svf>"